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UK Pallet Stackers Quality & Safety

Having to lift heavy pallets is a normality within industries. Our aim is to decrease the lifting load of the pallets decreasing the risk of manual handling Injuries in the work place and  cutting costs and increased efficiency

The lifting of goods and other materials, can be physically demanding. The lifting of goods and materials, along with handling and transportation, is one of the key areas of manual handling that is directly involved in manual handling injuries as it can cause muscle/bone damage and strain on the back. Pallet stackers look to aid the manual handling process of the materials and goods, to allow a faster more efficient and safer working environment saving money.

S-Craft Workplace Equipment UK Ltd offers a wide range of Powered Pallet Stackers for a variation of needs.

What is the Purpose of the Pallet Stacker Range?

The purpose of this product range is to aid the vertical lifting of the pallets, lightening the load lifted and providing a injury combatant solution.

Where can this product range be used?

The Pallet Stacker Product range can be used within industries that use pallets as a load carrier such as: Warehouse and Distribution Centers.

Who might use the Pallet Stackers Range

The Pallet Stacker range for workers who house the pallets at various heights in the workplace. The use of S-Craft Manual Handling’s Pallet Stackers allow the load to become lighter and easier to house, creating floor space and reducing the risk of injury due to manual handling.

We also offer a Pallet Truck Range: Powered Pallet Trucks, Hand Pallet Trucks, Scissor Pallet Trucks and Pallet Trucks with Scales.


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