Scooter Tugs

  • Moves heavy/large loads
  • User friendly
  • Wide product range
  • Electric powered
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The scooter tugs remove all physical strain in moving loads and can connect to almost any type of wheeled container. Currently, they're used in a wide range of industries such as Aviation, Health and  Distribution.

Push/Pull Tugs

  • Heavy loads
  • User friendly
  • Bespoke options
  • Electric powered
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The push/ Pull tugs are easy to use and can attach to most wheeled containers. They're electric powered and can move heavy loads effortlessly. They're currently used in a wide range of industries.

About movexx

Movexx is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electric tugs and supply on a global scale. All products are which are supplemented with standard or customized options. Thier products supply a vast range of industries. Making it easy to move heavy loads no matter where you are. 

Why Movexx

Movexx are independent market leaders who use innovative, distinctive solutions and place significance on strong cooperation with their clients. This is an ethos which has led them to work with hugely successful brands from Phillips to Audi.

Movexx Quality Commitment

High-quality management of logistics is important for any company, the challenges and motivations are individual for each sector. At Movexx, we recognise the need to differentiate, and are committed to developing solutions that are characterised as far possible to each individual client so that you can work smarter.