• Up to 300kg capacity
  • Range lift heights
  • A choice of attachments
  • Remote control
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These lifts are designed to suit environments with strict health and safety requirements. The range caters for various weights and speeds. They are typically used in the food and pharmaceutical companies.


  • Small
  • Range of lift heights
  • Low maintenance
  • Push button control
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The compact is the smallest battery powered lifter in the market. The boom is equipped with a wheel making it easy for the reel to be pushed onto the machine.


  • Up to 300kg capacity
  • Fully electric available
  • Different core grip options
  • Height adjustable
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The Impact reel handlers collection have powerful and fast lifters. There is a range of handler to suits your needs.  Currently, they are used in the chemical, food and engineering industry,

Drum Lifter / Tilter

  • Up to 300kg capacity
  • Optional drum grips
  • Stainless steel option
  • Remote control
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With E300R you can lift, move, grip, turn and tip up to 300 kg up to 1,650 mm in height. Made of stainless steel and equipped with a remote control for easy operation. It is highly configurable and is used in the most demanding environments.

About Hovmand

Hovmand is a world-leading manufacturer of lifters and lifting tools. They have supplied lifters globally to a wide range of companies and industries for a number of years, and have a reputation for customised, engineered solutions to meet each client’s’ individual demands.

Why Hovmand?

Hovmand work with anyone from small to medium sized companies over public institutions, to the world’s largest companies spanning over a large range of industries including pharmaceuticals, food, manufacturing, packaging, services and logistics. Hovmand also collaborate with companies on OEM and private label products.

Hovmand Quality Commitment

Quality commitment- Hovmand will never supply a lifter, or lifting tool unless it brings their customers: higher efficiency, widened opportunities, a decreased risk of injury, and as a result an overall improved working environment.