• Safety anti trap bar
  • Capacity: 1000 and 1500kg
  • Push button controls
  • Power: Electric
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U-shaped platform, particularly useful when loading a pallet safely onto the table using a hand pallet truck or pedestrian truck without the need for
an access ramp.


  • Upper limit switch.
  • Max 20 cycles per hour
  • Load evenly distributed
  • Remote power pack
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Low profile lift tables, due to their low closed height, do not require a floor pit, offering flexibility of location and keeping installation costs to a minimum.

About Bolzoni

Bolzoni are a worldwide leading manufacturer of industrial material handling equipment. The products they offer consist of Lift Truck attachments, Forks and Lift Tables, with the most extensive product range in the market.

Why Bolzoni

Bolzoni have become known for their constant attention to detail and product development to achieve technological innovation. They have long maintained a reputation for safety, reliability and have proved their worth in thousands of workplaces since for over six decades.

Bolzoni Quality Commitment

“Bolzoni have built up a reputation for material handling solutions that can withstand heavy industrial usage.”

Alistair Simpson Managing Director / S-Craft

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