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UK Work Positioners – Pallet Drawers | Electric Lifters | Pallet Tilters

Vertical lifting and tilting can become strenuous, in any industry. Our aim is to aid in the comfort of lifting and tilting loads increasing efficiency in the work place and from this combat manual handling injuries. S-Craft Manual Handling offers a range of Work Positioners lifting from ground to shoulder height.

What is the Purpose of this Product Range?

The Purpose of this product range is to aid the tilting and vertical lifting handling of equipment within the workplace. Providing a more efficient and comfortable solution preventing work related injuries.

Where can this product range be used?

This product range can be used within industries such as: healthcare, Laboratories, Warehouses and Food Processing.

Who might use this product range?

This Product range would be ideal for workers who find themselves out of reach of tools, or within narrow aisles. The use of S-Craft Manual Handling’s Work Positioner range, you will find a more comfortable working environment and more maneuverability within narrow spaces, providing a more efficient solution.

If you are looking to improve your environment further we also provide: Lifting Tables and Goods Lifters.

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Work Positioners
Work Positioners