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Drum Handling An Extensive Range Available

When handling filled drums, it can be awkward to carry and maneuver. Our aim is to aid the manual handling process of the drums, tailored to your needs to help decrease manual handling injuries in the work place and from cutting costs becoming more efficient.

Damaged muscles, bones and muscle fatigue can all be a direct effect from heavy lift, carrying and maneuvering materials and equipment. Musco-Skeletal Injuries can be direct results of manual handling and repetitive tasking. Combating these would reduce injuries, increasing efficiency within the workforce. Days taken off injured would be reduced, saving money and time.

At S-Craft Manual Handling we offer a Drum Handling range, which combats the rate of injuries and increases efficiency.

What is the Purpose of this Product Range?

The Purpose of the Drum Handling range is to aid the movements from A to B so that you can tilt, move and lift drums with minimal manual handling involved, reducing the risk of injury.

Where can this product range be used?

The Drum Handling range can be used within industries that use drums as a load mover and storage mechanism such as: Construction, Healthcare, Waste and Chemical.

Who might use this product range?

This Product range would be ideal for workers who manually handle lift and transport drums. The use of S-Craft Waste Handling’s Drum Handling range allows more maneuverability, a lightened load which lessens the physical load of the workforce reducing the manual handling process and risk of injury, generating more efficiency.

We also offer Forklift Attachments for Drum Handling.


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