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UK Lifting Tables

Lifting materials and equipment to is a common occurrence within industry. Our aim is to make handling materials and equipment safer and more convenient, combating manual handling injuries for people in the work place and from this cutting costs.

Economic growth for all industries is essential. Manual handling injuries occur in all industries and stunt there growth, through compensation and other costs associated with each injury. To reduce cost, we provide Lifting tables to get the equipment and materials to the right level for more comfort and to ease the lifting loads.

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What is the Purpose  of the Lifting Tables Range?

The Purpose of the Lifting Tables Range is to help aid the process of lifting material and equipment, to a level which is more convenient and easier to manoeuvre the variable load and equipment masses. Making the process safer for you and your staff, reducing the rate of injury and becoming more cost effective.

Where can the Lifting Tables Range be used?

This product range can be used across various industries including: Pharmaceutical, Warehouse and Distribution centres.

Who might use the Lifting Tables Range?

This Product range would be ideal for workers who find themselves working with materials and equipment at inconvenient and uncomfortable heights. Through the use of S-Craft Manual Handling’s Lifting Tables Range, we can provide a solution which helps the comfort and manoeuvrability of equipment and materials at different heights. Reducing injury becoming more cost efficient.

If you are looking to further improve your working environment we also can provide you: Reel HandlingElectric Tugs and Powered Pallet Trucks.

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Lifting Tables
Lifting Tables