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Food Industry

The agri-food sector contributed £110 billion, or 6.6% to national Gross Added Value in 2015. The total consumer expenditure on food, drink and catering in 2016. On average around 11% of all household spending is on food according to Recently The Guardian released an article stating that £13 billion worth is thrown away in food waste alone each year in the UK. The waste produced amounts a huge mass of time, risk of injury when processing and cost!

UK Food Injury Statistics

For the period 2011-2012 IOSH released data working within the food industry within the UK sampling 17% of the entire industry workforce. Showing that there were over 767 injuries resulting in 3 or more days off, 133 major injuries and 2 fatalities. 30% of the total injuries were incurred due to manual handling, and 60% of the manual handling injuries were due to heavy lifting. That’s a staggering 18% of the injuries within the food industry. HSE Statistics stated that during the periods 13/14 – 15/16 the injury rate per 100,000 workers was the 3rd highest, with well over 1920 injuries per 100,000 workers.


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Current Affairs

Maslow’s 5 stage hierarchy of needs model is still valid years on, and today we find companies will use a model similar this to build a fantastic workplace environment adequate with all the necessities to allow employees to reach the top of the pyramid, the self-actualisation stage, to gain fulfilment and personal growth. To become motivated to develop personal growth one of the features required is safety within the workplace. BBC News stated Google shares have risen 18-fold since the original stock first floated in 2004. Not in the food industry, but still a staggering statistic. Companies across all industries could take tips from Google. Google provide a safe, stress-free and secure environment which helps with the productivity of the individual workers helping to increase productivity. And by providing basic needs, of the individual worker you increase the efficiency and productivity they produce bringing further economic benefit to your company.



What this means for Business

Effects on Business

With so much waste being produced and thrown out unnecessarily, it comes as no surprise companies are trying to cut costs and increase efficiency. With non-fatal Injuries costing £7,400 on average each and an above average injury rate, food manufacturers are losing money from the decreased productivity of the employees through injury. It Is no surprise that companies are beginning to look at injuries within their workforce to gain the optimum efficiency levels of the workforce.

Effects on Employees

Employees even at the worst of times fear becoming ill or injured. This is due to the paper work involved and the absence of being able to work and earn more money than the compensation for becoming ill or injured due to the workplace environment. It has an adverse effect on the personal finances of the injured individual, but also increases the workload of the colleagues still able to work. Increasing stress levels and decreasing morale within the working employee’s due to the extra workload. Meaning that the company will suffer from a decrease in productivity.

Benefits of Improving the Injury Rate

Business’ would benefit massively in the food industry through improving the injury rate as it allows increased sending to improve the food industry, which in turn leads to improved growth, revenue and profit. Another benefit of improving the injury rate, is that employee satisfaction would rise as there’d be less stress and annoyance when an injury is incurred, especially as there is an above average injury rate within the industry, meaning that employees would come to work feeling safer, happier and more productive.


Bin Tipper

S-Craft Workplace Equipment UK Ltd: Solution

At S-Craft Workplace Equipment UK Ltd, the sole distributor of Bin Tippers within the UK, we can offer a whole package of safety equipment for when working within the food industry and handling materials to benefit employees and employers. We can provide a solution which includes the transportation delivery and storage of materials, from Movexx Electric Tugs to Bin Tippers and large Wheelie bins. We have a wide range of equipment which minimalises manual handling when dealing with materials. Leading to less physical strain, less injuries and a higher rate or productivity further increasing in cost saving all from protecting the work force.

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