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What happened to that good old face to face communication?

Communication today whether it be for social or business could be seen to be unrecognisable to an individual of one hundred years ago. Our fast paced environment and the ever-developing technology within it just keeps opening our eyes and ears to new exciting opportunities.

However, are these opportunities slowly distinguishing that old school technique of communication? A face to face conversation.

Now I appreciate that multiple avenues of digital technology can communicate a message far faster than an individual face to face conversation. But are we as a modern day society loosing the art of fundamental communication.

Now as a 26-year-old male working in marketing you would assume that technology is my best friend. It is the majority of the time but at least once a week it turns into 100% my worst nightmare. I am sure everyone can relate to this.

Let me explain further. I think a lot of marketing personnel today can be related to as sheep. Ok, there are certain communication techniques that you would be stupid not to be implementing. However, just because that guy or girl next door does it, does not mean you have to follow suit. I am also guilty of this.

I do honestly find myself sometimes looking at my computer screen in frustration trying to block out what my brain is actually trying to get me to do. Which is simply, stop beating around the bush and get out there meeting my target audience face to face.

Yes, it can be argued that this method of communication takes more time. Yes, it also can be argued that a lot more effort needs to be put into it. But that’s exactly it. I honestly do believe putting that additional effort in is appreciated so much more than the majority of digital communication. We are human beings at the end of the day, not robots, yet!

Now technology is not going to stop developing. I respect that fact. But if we are going to carry on using it there has to be a better understanding and portrayal of basic human communication techniques through it.

In my opinion this is why YouTube and Instagram are transitioning into the two leading social channels in marketing communications. A target audience can be reached through a modern day technique but the content within still harnesses fundamental human communication characteristics e.g. someone explaining or showing how something works through visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning methods.

We need to respect the fact that YouTube and Instagram are becoming the two dominant digital communication channels. However, remember they are also only tools to communicate content.

Why should marketers be referred to as the guy or girl that spends the majority of there working time in front of a computer screen? At the end of the day we are the people with the skill sets that enable companies to showcase their brand message and offering.

We need to be given the opportunity to learn the offering of the company we work for, followed by meeting our target audiences and find out what they want. This way the portrayal and subject of the content we release will be far more aligned to our target audiences needs.

At S-Craft we rank first hand knowledge of our target audiences working environment as paramount. This enables us to deliver a bespoke manual handling solution of the highest quality.


By Jonathan Hyde