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UK Hand Pallet Trucks – Quality & Safety

Having to move heavy loads around on site, is very common within various industries. Our aim is to aid the transportation of the loads and lighten them, combating manual handling injuries, reducing cost and increasing efficiency.

Transportation of goods and other materials can be physically demanding, and the transportation, carrying, tasks are directly involved in manual handling injuries claiming time and money.

S-Craft Manual Handling can offer Pallet Trucks with the ability to carry and transport goods and other materials.

What is the Purpose of the Pallet Truck Range?

The Purpose of the Pallet Trucks range is to aid workers when transporting pallets by decreasing time taken and lighten the load when transporting materials. Creating an injury combatant solution.

Where can the Pallet Truck Range be used?

The Pallet Truck product range can be used within industries that require pallets to be transported such as: Warehouses, Lorry Driving and Distribution Centres.

Who might use the Pallet Truck Range?

The Pallet Truck Range would be the best solution for workers who transport pallets. Through the use of S-Craft Manual Handling’s Pallet Truck range we can provide manual, semi and fully electrical solutions, which will lighten the loads and make it easier to maneuver in the workplace which reduces the manual handling process reducing the risk of injuries.

We also offer:  Powered Pallet TrucksScissor Pallet Trucks and Pallet Trucks with Scales.

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Hand Pallet Trucks
Hand Pallet Trucks