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UK Forklift Attachments

Processing materials or loads within industry is a natural occurrence, our aim at S-Craft Workplace Equipment Uk Ltd is to minimise the manual handling process reducing the risk and cost of injury.

Musco-skeletal injuries are a direct result of manual handling and repetitive tasking. Our Forklift Attachment range minimises the manual handling aspect of tasking, it also allows for easier processing of various materials.

S-Craft Workplace Equipment UK offers a wide range of Forklift Attachments

What is the Purpose of the Forklift Attachment Range?

The Purpose of the Forklift Attachment Range is to provide a variety of aids the manual handling processes. reducing the risk of manual handling injuries becoming more cost effective.

Where can the Forklift Attachment Range be used?

This product range can be used across various industries including: Construction, Waste, Warehouse and Distribution Centres.

Who might use the Forklift Attachment Range?

The Forklift Attachment range would be ideal for workers who have manual handling tasks having to lift, twist, turn, transport and tip materials which cannot be done by hand. Through the use ofS-Craft Workplace Equipment UK’s Forklift Attachment Range, you would find the load easier to process, which reduces the risk of manual handling injuries.

Alternatively when tipping waste our Bin Tipper Range is also extremely effective.

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Forklift Attachments
Forklift Attachments