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Understanding Your Food Manufacturing Process

As you all know food is something that the human body cannot live without. Look at the size of you now compared to when you were a child. I bet you have grown a bit. Food can also be seen as fuel. Like a car we are working machines and for us to run to the best of our ability we need something to run off. Why do you think there are so many wealthy food manufacturing organisations?

I think we can state that food pretty much surrounds us in 2017. I bet that you have had a conversation in the last month along the lines of “have you checked out that new restaurant or food shop”? I know I have. I say it every week never mind every month.

So you are probably wondering what I am trying to get at here. Yes food is crucial to our existence as a human race but most of us only go toe to toe with it when we are buying or consuming it. My question to you is. Do you know where your food comes from and the food manufacturing processes in which it has to go through before it has the pleasure of greeting you on your plate?

Major organisations dedicate their total existence to providing food to you, the consumer. But they couldn’t do this without a great deal of employees and effective processes put in place.

Now on the subject of employees and effective food processes, unfortunately not all food organisations are working in the most effective means possible. This is not down to plain right arrogance but simply day to day life taking over and trying to meet the supply and demand of the consumer/buyer.

Food manufacturing has been around for years and will be here for years to come. However, the employees within this industry won’t. Unfortunately the supply and demand of food has led to an increased turnover of staff and this could be based on ineffective food processes. I am sure you can appreciate tipping, pulling and pushing large containers of food product day in and day out can lead to some nasty unwanted injuries. Injuries that not only prevent you from working but more importantly prevent you from enjoying quality time with your family. Yes, these manual handling injuries still do happen even if you are moving the most delicious food product in an incorrect manner. Sorry about this, chocolate won’t save you.

On a lighter note, if you the reader are part of a food manufacturing organisation and you feel the process in which you see or work within is not as effective as it could be, make a change. Why wouldn’t you want to become better at what you do?

Food is something to be enjoyed and also something that provides you energy to enjoy life. Why let the process of getting it to your plate effect the rest of your life.

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By Jonathan Hyde