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Bunded Stores – Secure Drum Storage

Finding somewhere within the workplace to securely store various hazardous loads can be crucial to industries. Our aim is to provide secure storage facilities, reducing the risk of injury due to materials being left in inappropriate places.

Allowing for extra storage is highly beneficial as it can not only reduces the risk of injury, but allows for time saving opportunities as drums can be organised into various materials and stored into the storage systems, giving workers an organised storage system.

Reducing the risk of injury, Saving Time and Money. We have a range of storage systems available.

What is the Purpose of the Bunded Store? 

The Purpose of the Bunded Store range is to provide a secure and organised storage space in which multiple drums can be kept safe on site. Reducing injury and increasing efficiency within the organisational structure and providing secure storage.

Where can the Bunded Store Range be used?

This product range can be used within industries that store loads before and after processing them. Industries such as: Chemical Engineering, Laboratories, Waste and Aviation.

Who might use the Bunded Store Range?

This Product range would be ideal for companies that store loads for a period of time or need storage space to keep the drums organised. The use of S-Craft Manual Handling’s storage systems allow an organised system which decreases time to find selected drums or containers increasing efficiency, resulting in less injuries and a indirect positive affect on your economic gain.


We also offer: Hazardous Storage CabinetsBunded TanksSpill Pallets for IBCs and Spill Pallets for Drums.

Find the right Bunded Store for you.

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Bunded Stores
Bunded Stores