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Having to block off sections of the workplace due to maintenance is common across all industries. Our aim is to make the workplace safer and more efficient, combating injuries for people in the work place and from this cutting costs.

Economic growth for all industries is essential. Manual handling injuries occur in all industries and stunt there growth, through compensation and other costs associated with each injury. With the use of our Barriers you can organise maintenance and other tasks, reducing risk of employees entering restricted areas reducing injuries which reduces costs.

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What is the Purpose of the Barriers Range?

The Purpose of the Barriers Range is to help aid the process of organisation within the workplace. Making the workplace safer for you and your staff, reducing the rate of injury and becoming more cost effective.

Where can the Barriers Range be used?

This product range can be used across various industries including: Construction, Warehouse, Distribution centres, Food and Drink, Aviation and Waste.

Who might use the Barriers Range?

This Product range would be ideal for workers who have to do maintenance, and section of areas of the workplace. Through the use of S-Craft Manual Handling’s Barriers Range, we can provide a safe and more organised solution that reduces risk of injury and increases efficiency.

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