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Industry knowledge advanced and bespoke manual handling portfolio,
dedicated to creating your complete health and safety solution.


S-Craft Waste Handling


In 2006 both brothers Alistair Simpson (CEO) and Richard Simpson (Director) founded S-Craft. Their drive and ambition within the Health and Safety industry was not only to provide Manual Handling products and Site Safety services to aid preventing injury and increasing efficiency, but also to have an offering that focused on achieving a successful overall outcome. Their understanding and appreciation of employee welfare and how it cannot only effect a working environment but also at home is what initiated their career passion.

Over the years S-Craft Waste Handling has created a brand culture that has become recognisable in both the Waste Handling and Manual Handling industries. A culture developed through working closely with significant manufacturers within multiple demographics. This has allowed S-Craft to become industry knowledge advanced and provide an offering that has been designed to create the client a bespoke solution.

Here at S-Craft we take pride in the fact that the company is built upon the foundation blocks of our team. From this our tone, voice and work ethos has allowed us to identify ways in which we can help customers even further in the Waste Handling, Manual Handling and Site Safety industries.

We like to call these our S-Craft Brand Pillars.

Innovation: At S-Craft Waste Handling, innovation is something that we believe is the key to transforming an organisation or industry. The collaboration between an idea and creativity result with specific advances in knowledge, which improve our tailored products, to our customer orientated business.

Simplicity: The design and function of our products at S-Craft Waste Handling depicts simplicity. In our opinion this allows us to deliver greater clarity to the customer enabling a higher chance of success.

Efficiency: Efficiency at S-Craft Waste Handling is something we like to apply to every component of the business especially our products. We are really proud to allow our customers the chance to be part of our technological advances in the field of injury prevention.

Solution: To provide a solution to prevent personal injury in the workplace, whilst also reducing an accident from further escalation, is something we atS-Craft Waste Handling are passionate to bring to the marketplace.